(BE/GET) USED TO – English video lesson

(BE/GET) USED TO - English video lesson James from engVid used to stand over there. And now he’s getting used to standing here…

First of all, learn to pronounce “used to” smoothly as [st] in [‘ju:stu]. “Used to” and “be/get used to” are often confused in speech but they have different meanings and objects.

Used to

“Sb used to do sth” means a past action/state no longer happening at the speaking moment. We used to do it regularly but not any more. So “used to” is a contrast.

James used to wear ladies underwear.

I used to play soccer in the playground.

Be used to

“To be used to doing sth” means to take some action for granted, do it often, be accustomed to one’s regular activity, having been doing it routinely as a habit. So “used to doing” can refer to any tense especially present without contrast. Such an action is not new, not strange to the speaker.

I’m used to playing soccer with my kids.

Be used to sth

“To be used to sth” means the same habitualness as above but to a thing/idea/state, not action. We’re used to sth when it’s not surprising.

I’m not used to such heat.

Get used to

“To get used to (doing) sth” is about making sth a habit as an action, not state. We get used to (doing) sth when we start making it routine.

It’s so hard to get used to poverty.