Adjectives in English – Video Lesson for Beginners

Adjectives in English - Video Lesson for Beginners This video describes how adjectives are used in English. This is a very basic explanation. More videos will follow.

Adjectives in English describe nouns. They are vital for description. The teacher above has a large tomato and a small tomato. Large is an adjective. Small is also an adjective. The word tomato is a noun. Both tomatoes are red. His shirt is also red. So he has a red shirt. Red is an adjective.

Adjective Place

My shirt is red.

Adjectives often go after the verb be. My is a possessive pronoun. Possessives go before nouns. The word shirt is a noun.

I have a red shirt.

These tomatoes are red.

Adjectives often go before nouns in English. You can’t put adjectives after nouns as in I have a shirt red which is possible in some languages. You can put adjectives after nouns only by dividing them with a finite be form. Such an order is only typical of obsolete poetry or few prepositional phrases like from time(s) immemorial.


Let’s describe everything we see in the video with adjectives.

We can see a blue paper behind.

He’s wearing a checkered shirt.

Its sleeves are short.

The wall is light yellow.

The teacher’s hair is partially grey.

He looks tanned.

He’s writing with a black marker.