Reflexive Pronouns in English

Reflexive Pronouns in EnglishThe declension of reflexive pronouns, their forms and examples of their use. The categories of person, number and gender.

Reflexive pronouns in English refer to a subject and indicate that the action performed by the subject is associated with him or directed towards him.

1. Reflexive pronouns in English are: myself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourself (yourselves), themselves.

2. Reflexive pronouns in the form of a third person singular have categories of person, number and gender.

  First person Second person Third person
Singular myself yourself himself, herself,


Plural ourselves yourselves themselves

3. Sometimes the reflexive forms for the indefinite pronoun “one” (oneself / oneselves) are also used.

In the end you will have to do it yourself.



He himself wasn’t glad to hear that, but he decided to keep silent.



If I were you, I would do it myself already.

It’s O.K. to be pleased with oneself.