Interrogative Pronouns in English

Interrogative Pronouns in EnglishThe meaning, functions and the examples of their use. Sentences with interrogative pronouns.

Interrogative pronouns in English are: who, whose, which, what.

The interrogative pronouns are used to make interrogative sentences.


1. The “who” pronoun in the English language always refers to an animate object.

2. The “what” pronoun in English usually refers to inanimate objects (it has the function of an attribute in a sentence), but sometimes it can refer to animate objects – in cases when someone is interested in the object’s occupation (profession).

3. The “which” pronoun in English has the selective meaning. It can be used both for animate and inanimate objects.

4. The “whose” pronoun refers only to animate objects.

5. Interrogative pronouns in the English language could have the function of a subject, a predicate, an object and an attribute.