Cultural Differences in Learning English

Cultural Differences in Learning English A lot of students focus on learning the rules of English grammar, but you also need to learn the differences between your culture and that of English-speaking countries. In this lesson, I go over some simple differences.

Today I’ve planned unusual lesson.

I mean normally: we’ve got  the board to write in all  sorts  to work.

But sometimes what I find is people come over wanting to learn English but they don’t believe in trying to learn other culture.

This is not good.

Because depending on the culture you’re from certain things are ok.

Somewhere in  Japan doing this – this is bad. They are like short arm movements.

In North America we tend to open our hands, open speak and hands are fleshing  everywhere.

So I want to do  is give you a short overview what you should do and shouldn’t do in cultures.

By the first let’s give you a demonstration how the World is.

Now, I teach English for living in  and I see this all the time nearly three basic cultural groups.

There is the close group, the medium group and the far group.

Now as a Canadian I with here that depending on a culture, from one culture where are very cold, another culture where are very nice, but not very polite.

What I mean? I’ll show you.

First culture I’ll show you is a Latin American culture – the close culture. They see each other on the street and they do like: Hey, Amigo, How are you doing? See we love each other. We are get close.

That’s Latin culture.

Now if you’re from Asian culture, you say: “Oh, my God!” This is crazy. I don’t know this guy.

Now, in North American culture we’re not quite the same.

My friend comes in. Hey, how are you doing? I shake you hand. I like you. But that’s it. I don’t touch anymore. This is much we going to touch. Now, thank you.

For my Asian students this is the best one. Asian student comes in. Hi! I like you, don’t touch me.

These are three cultural differences you wanna keep in mind.

Another thing is how much we speak. Now, in English we are all like to say stupid. For luck every bad word. It is used to tell us everything subject, verb, object. This is important to keep in mind because in further relations with Japanese. They are not necessarily have to say the subject.

One of my favorite thing is… my friend will come in again.

Rain, lots and lots and lots of rain.

I go. It’s raining outside.

He just say: Hey.  We had a conversation. He didn’t say anything. Hey – that’s it. In English it meats nothing.

Now an understanding this cultural differences is an action makes it easier to understand English and learn English.

So, pay attention to what’s going on around you. It’s not important just in other words, but how interact. This difference in distance even. Difference in word speed that we use.

Ok. Be aware the culture you learning from.