WOR- and -RL- Pronunciation

WOR- and -RL- Pronunciation Learn to pronounce ‘world’ and other difficult words in English. This is a standard American accent.

Difficult Words

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Non-native English speakers are likely to mispronounce such words. 2 rules will help you with world and other difficult words.

English words with wor- have no middle o articulated with rounded lips. So it pretty much disappears making wr- sound like [w(e:)r]. The [w] sound naturally requires half rounded lips. Don’t pronounce [r] foreignly with the rolled tongue when its tip touches in the front behind the upper teeth. Instead, create rolling American [r] in the mouth back.

World is also difficult in the rl combination. You need to put [ә] in between. Try to imagine the neutral vowel always inside rl. So the English dictionary transcription [wo:ld] differs from its everyday American pronunciation.


wor- [w(e:)r]

-rl- [rәl]

world  – wr rolled





in the whole world

It’s worldwide.