Th and S sounds with Ronnie – English Pronunciation

Th and S sounds with Ronnie Probably the 2 most mispronounced sounds causing misunderstood communication in English – ‘th’ and ‘s’. Now learn how to sound them correctly and never be confusing again!

Their sounds are quire similar but most kids (even English-speaking) have trouble pronouncing the first.


[s] is as easy as frequent throughout world languages. It’s a voiceless consonant, i.e. without throat vibration. You can check it by just putting your fingers to your vocal cords. In its pronunciation the tongue is against the lower teeth with air moving through the upper teeth. It’s useful to prolong [s] to emphasize its quality.


‘Th’ may sound as [θ] or [ð]. In relation to [s], only the voiceless [θ] phoneme is confusing. To train the sound, stick your tongue out (no matter how silly it looks) and move air through the teeth.


thin (narrow-like) – sin (an immoral action)

thick (wide-like) – sick (feeling unhealthy)

thing* (an inanimate object) – sing (to vocalize music)

think (to produce thoughts) – sink (a kitchen/bathroom washbasin)

through (via) / threw (cast) – sue (to bring sb to court)

*Tip: if not knowing a vocabulary for sth, just call it a thing – it works all the time.

Now repeat after Ronnie pronouncing the examples.