Learn English Elementary Podcasts by British Council

Verbs have, do, go in the third person singular Audio podcast for elementary level English study. Each episode presents an interesting audio track, professionally narrated by native speakers and lots of test exercises with answers.

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This is a weekly podcast. The episodes’ content is very interesting, and its elementary level British English is easy to understand even for the beginners.

learn-english-elementary-podcasts-2.jpgEpisodes feature lots of dialogues, standard situations in an aeroport, restaurant, department store, etc. The basic focus is to improve conversational English.

Each episode is accompanied with a free transcript or a complete record of the lesson. You can also download and print out the additional exercises. You can download the mp3 file with any lesson, starting with the very first one.

You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or through RSS.

The interactive exercises on a podcast theme with sample answers are also available online.

For example, you have to answer the questions with one of the following options:

In another exercise you have to drag the shuffled parts of the centences and fill in the empty spaces in the text:

Exercise for words memorizing, you have to divide the given words into two topics:


And many other interesting and fun exercises to help you learn English completely free and in the form of a game.