Negative Pronouns in English

Negative Pronouns in EnglishNegative pronouns are no, none, neither, nobody, no one, nothing. The differences in their use with the animate and inanimate objects. The examples of their use and functions in a sentence.

Negative pronouns in English are: no, none, neither, nobody, no one, nothing.

1. The negative pronoun “no” is used only with nouns and serves as an attribute.

No food or drinks allowed in the office.

2. The negative pronoun ”none” could indicate both animate and inanimate objects.

None of us succeeded there.

Do you like classic or green tea? – None.

3. Negative pronouns “nobody” and “no one” indicate only animate objects.

Nobody wanted to help him.

It was obvious that no one shared his point of view.

4. The negative pronoun “nothing” indicate inanimate objects.

You have nothing to worry about.

5. Pronoun “neither”.

Neither of them wanted to talk to her.