Indefinite Pronouns in English

Indefinite Pronouns in EnglishRules for the use of indefinite pronouns. The indefinite pronoun one as a replacement word.

indefinite pronouns in english

1. The “some” pronoun is used in affirmative sentences, and “any” – in negative and interrogative sentences.

If you need some help – just ask me.

Do you have any questions?

I don’t have any money for you.

The pronouns “some” and “any” are used with nouns that describe a certain material and represent an indefinite quantity.

Do you want some water?

2. The English pronouns somebody, someone, something are used in the affirmative sentences.

I want to say something.

You need someone like her.

Somebody left the door open.

3. The English pronouns anyone, anybody and anything are used in negative and interrogative sentences.

I don’t need anyone.

Do you want anything to drink?

Can anybody answer the phone?

4. The one pronoun.

Only one can solve this problem, and this one is you.

Give me please two apples, the big ones.