Pronunciation of English sounds – online game

Pronunciation of English sounds - online game Special phonetic game. The sound is pronounced upon mouse over on the letter. English vowels and consonants as well as consonant combinations are given. Sounds audio table.

English phonetic transcription signs

These audio consonants and vowels will be an indispensable help for you in your studying of English phonetics.

There is a menu in the upper right corner which helps you change the current table. Mouse over to choose one from

Consonants (a consonants table), Blends / Combinations (consonant combinations), Vowels, All (all of the tables are combined into one).

Notice the flags of USA and Great Britain. The Pronunciation of English sounds is a little bit different in the American and British versions of the English language. There are different vowel sounds.

When choosing Vowels with the USA flag you will get the American version. When choosing Vowels with the British flag you will get the British version.

Move mouse on a letter to hear its sound. There are words examples for each of the sounds. Click the picture to play the pronunciation of English words.

You can play with your child and create music out of sounds. It’s a very fun thing to do. Through this game your child will learn English sounds.